bryan_povlinski_pic Thanks for stopping by my website.   I’m Bryan Povlinski, and I’m an Online Marketing Specialist at ecommerce services company Fifth Gear.  I live in Indianapolis and I’m part of the Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship.  I’m recently married to my wonderful wife, Marie, and we just bought a new house together!

I’m passionate about how the web fits into the business world.  There are so many new online tools that are making things easier for businesses and consumers, and that’s the kind of innovation I love to promote.  There are a few facets of marketing and technology that I’m most interested in, and that you’ll see me talk most about on this blog.  In no particular order they are:

1. Classroom technology – How teachers can use technology to make learning more fun for the students, and also more engaging so that kids don’t simply gloss over important concepts.

2. Local SEO and Social Media – How local businesses like restaurants, lawyers, and doctors can improve their business by using online marketing tactics like pay-per-click advertising, Google Maps, location-based services like Foursquare and other social media options.

3. Mashups and API’s – The web is starting to become more connected than ever before, and the applications that will be the most successful in the future are those that can integrate with other services to offer even more value to users.

4. Ecommerce Marketing – There are many different factors that go into a successful ecommerce site including product sourcing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and usability which makes ecommerce one of the most challenging yet exciting areas of the web.

5. Consumer Web Applications – I love when I find a new web application that’s incredibly useful to me as an everyday person.  Whether it helps me manage my finances (like Mint.com)  or keep bookmarks on any computer for quick reference (Delicious) I’m always looking for new tools that are helpful to others.

On a more personal note, I love playing and watching sports.  I’m always up for a game of basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, football, tennis, ping-pong and pretty much any sport you can think of (but not soccer because I’m horrible).  I also love playing board games/party games including running charades, Cranium, Mafia, Taboo, Catchphrase, or Qwirkle.  I’m an IU grad so I love my Hoosiers, but ultimately I’m a diehard North Carolina Tar Heels basketball fan.

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