The Super Bowl in Indianapolis: An Awesome Experience

When I first heard that Indianapolis was going to host a Super Bowl I didn’t think much of it. It sounded good for the city economically with the influx of out of town visitors, but I knew I wouldn’t be willing pay the absurd prices for a ticket. So I didn’t think there would be much of a difference if it was hosted in my city. I thought my experience, watching the game on TV, would pretty much be the same.

Boy was I wrong.

I realized that the Super Bowl was a lot more than just the game. It’s an entire week of parties and entertainment, and unlike any other Super Bowl, it was all happening in my city of Indianapolis. I tried to take full advantage of this and went downtown 3 separate days. The Sunday before the game was spent taking in the sights. Tuesday evening was spent at the NFL Experience, and Saturday was spent at the Pacers game and watching Sportscenter film live.

I was incredibly impressed with all Indy had to offer, and it sounds like the national media felt the same way. I really liked being able to easily park downtown and then walk to pretty much anything I wanted to do. The weather was great so the heaters along the main Georgia St. walkway were simply a nice addition – not overcrowded hotspots. The zipline was a little bit overcrowded so we decided not to take the time to stand in line. Here was our view of Indianapolis’ Super Bowl Village:



We didn’t run into any celebrities, but we did have a couple of highlights for the week. The NFL Experience is like an NFL theme park that they have set up at every Super Bowl. You get to try kicking a field goal, run a 40 yard dash, and a few other football activities. The best part by far was the field goal. It really is similar to the pressure of an NFL game because you only get one shot after standing in line for 45 minutes and everyone is watching you. You could choose to kick from 10, 20, 30, or 40 yards. In the time we were watching I would say the percentage of makes was between 10 and 15%. Marie opted for the 20 yard attempt and I went for 30 yards. You can see our results in the video, but it’s a little difficult to see what happened to mine. My thought process was to kick it as high and as hard as possible. Unfortunately, I did not factor in the ceiling of the building because my perfectly straight and easily good from 40+ yard field goal promptly hit the rafter and came crashing straight down before it went through the goal posts.

We also stopped by the ESPN booth on our way to the Pacers game on Saturday night. Stuart Scott and Co. began taping a segment just as we arrived. There was already a huge crowd so we didn’t get a chance to get in very close. However, when they changed the camera angle to zoom in on Stuart on the right side I could see on the big screen that there was a chance that we could be in the picture. I started jumping up and down and waving my hands to see if I could see if it could be noticed on the broadcast. Sure enough my big orange coat showed up next to Stu on Sportscenter that night. You can’t really tell it’s me because it’s blurred out, but you can definitely see a guy in an orange coat jumping up and down in the bottom left corner.

Overall, we had a great time experiencing the Super Bowl in Indianapolis!

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